CTD on hiatus?

Breaking news: we have lost communication with our CTD.  The CTD is an instrument package that measures Conductivity [similar to salinity], Temperature, and Depth.  It is usually associated with a series of special water sampling bottles that can be triggered to take samples from the ship, at the salinity/temperature/etc. of interest.  The instrument package is run through a computer on the deck that is operated by scientists.  It has been working super smoothly throughout the entire cruise, but suddenly tonight, we lost communication with it!  We quickly brought it back on deck and our wonderful marine technician, Darryl, is troubleshooting.  Stay tuned!  Sarah estimates the instrument will be working in about 15 minutes.

In other news, tonight’s dinner was the best one yet!  Lasagna, ceasar salad, and blackberry pie a la mode.  Thanks, Doug and John!

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