Job Done!


Now that we are heading home (whew) as co-chiefs we’d like to add a few words to express our gratitude and appreciation to all the PIs. The cruise and the training course have both been a success thanks to everyone, GREAT TEAM WORK!

Alyson, thanks for the water budget and  your sensible nature.

Amy thanks for putting together the event sheets and paying attention to details.

Kim …. what a trooper… always in the trenches and willing to lend a hand with a smile :)

Russ, with the alien salute and the wavering down the corridors in a half woken state.

Chandra ….. Did you get enough cores? Hope your samples are plentiful now that you are a plankton tow expert.

Chris, hope you get some sleep on land… You worked endlessly and stepped in wherever it was needed. Keep singing…. and yes a small dog is very macho.

Aaron (note the spelling :) ). Thanks for putting together a terrific blog and for volunteering to take care of all our meta data (did we forget to mention that ?). You taste tested about every species we found out there and brought many back to share what amazing critters they are.

Yuehan thanks for being so easy going with every new plan and adapting so well. Always willing to lend a hand.

Shellie, deep sea cup decorator extraordinaire. Thanks for your easy going ways.

Lindsey to you and your pump!!! You kept us all going at tempo.

Sarah, We’ll say it again… adorable, kind positive energy! Good luck with your aerosols and all that they bring. Thanks for letting us share in your science and ride the zodiac.

Dan, quiet with a sly smile. Thanks for sharing the worlds of boundary layers and exopolymers with us as well as training us on the “glass plate method”.

Daryl, You are extraordinary…. that’s it in a nutshell! Meaghan we are glad you could make it and that we got to know you. Hope we see you on future UNOLS cruises. Thank you to the captain and crew for a smooth ride and for your capable management of the RV Wecoma.

Lastly, Clare and Pat. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to mentor us. We greatly appreciate the opportunity you created and memories made. We hope this becomes a regular event for future UNOLS chiefs to come.








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