Station 2? Station 2!!

It’s only Wednesday, and we’ve just finished our second-to-last station (remember, we’re counting down from 14). It’s a testament to the skill of captain and crew that all our work goes so smoothly: the RHIB goes in and out of the water like a hot knife in butter, our cantankerous CTD is kept in check by Daryl’s firm hand, Meghan ties left-hand bowlines on corer taglines in 1.3 seconds, and first mate Jeff keeps the boat in position on station with the same relaxed casualness you might demonstrate while parallel parking (I’m convinced he wouldn’t even tap them, if a couple Honda Civics were parked on either side of the ship).

The only problem with working so efficiently is that the end comes sooner. It’s gratifying that we’re successful, but it’s also been quite fun (and educational, of course). Have a look at the pictures below, and I’m sure you’ll experience the same thrill that we all did.

Styrofoam cups before deep-sea trip. (Note that these are 22-ounce cups, not your standard 12-ounce baby cups.) The hard hat is there for perspective.

(Photo: L. Koren)

Styro cups after vacationing briefly at 2900 meters (almost 2 miles underwater!)…and yes, that’s the same hard hat.



The animal life has been picking up lately as well. A few humpback whales have been hanging out off Station 2 for the several hours we’ve been here. Even chemists can appreciate the sighting. (Photos: C. Hintz)

There’re also a lot of birds winging around the ship. Gulls are somehow less obnoxious when you’re at sea.

(Photos: C. Hintz)




Thrilling, right?

Underway to our last station…shallow water, Heceta Bank. It’ll be bittersweet.

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